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  • At AIMS we have adopted the CFA Institiute (formely AIMR – Association for Investment Management and Research) Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.
  • We believe in professionalism and therefore maintain firm distinction between ownership and management. Consequently as a matter of policy, no director or shareholder of the company or any of their relations are engaged in running the business operation of or are employed with the company.
  • We have set very high and clear objectives before us and a goal to venture in to uncharted territories and untested grounds.
  • AIMS is run by a team of expert analysts and capital market & investment banking professionals and is equipped with state-of-the-art automated system.
  • AIMS ensures smooth operation through synergy with other reputed service providers including researchers, financiers, brokers/dealers, lawyers, accountants and bankers as well as international fund managers.
  • AIMS maintain a full-time channel of communication and collaborative interaction with multilateral funding agencies, donors and technical assistance providers as well as the government and regulatory bodies.
  • AIMS has developed a highly resourceful research base and all decisions and recommendations are made on the basis of thorough independent fundamental and technical analysis and research findings.
  • The Managing Director acts as ‘Compliance Officer’ of the company ensuring the moral and professional standard among the practitioners within the company.
  • A ‘Chinese Wall’ has been developed among different departments for effectively controlling information flow and checking unfair practices like insider trading and protect proprietary interests.
  • AIMS is a career oriented equal opportunity employer and is regarded as a knowledge based boutique financial services institution.